This is an information for all the english-speaking people in the net

I'm sorry that this is only a website with german language. This site contains very special german texts, which are nearly impossible to translate to the so called "world language".

The texts are quoted from a german comedian called Oliver Kalkofe. He performs a fictional person, Onkel Hotte, who reads fairy tales in his own way and he is unqualified to speak german correctly. Onkel Hotte uses many invented words, wrong grammatic, wordplays and so on. The fairy tales are mostly invented or are persiflages of real fairy tales and do not represent the original fairy tales. Therefore it is not advisable to read these texts in order to learn the german language (It isn't even real german. It can be called a caricature of german language) or to learn more about the original German fairy tales.

When I do have the time I'll try to translate one text with all the special words to give you an idea what this website is about and what it makes so funny. Now here is a text originally translated by Onkel Hotte himself, on his CD "Spiel mir das Lied vom Zwerg"

So do not be angry about it, that this site is for germans only. It should not be a discrimination.